Full Stack Web Development

Need a custom website designed and built to your specifications?  Our designers can create your brand and company identity which our web developers will bring to life.  From simple microsites to full-blown e-commerce solutions and even built-to-order web and mobile applications – we can do it all.  We’ll continuously support your site’s upkeep and maintenance tasks so you don’t have to.

Enterprise Web Hosting Services

Your web presence deserves a nice home!  We will host and maintain any sites for our clients on our own private cloud infrastructure, providing you with a high performance and hassle-free web hosting experience.  We place NO restrictions on your websites (emails, databases, web traffic, etc.) and offer you free SSL certificates, basic CDN setup, etc. to get you online quickly and keep you there.

Cloud-Based Infrastructure Design & Support

Need something with more flexibility than standard web hosting or require a private cloud?  Have a project that you want to build / host in AWS / Google Cloud / Azure?  We can help design and manage your cloud-based infrastructure to ensure high performance, security, and scalability for projects of any size.

Network Design & Implementation

Setting up a new office or expanding operations in Prague?  No problem – we will work with local suppliers to get your new location wired, establish internet connectivity, purchase your equipment, and set it all up per your specifications or according to our recommendations.  Deal with a single local vendor with established business relationships with other providers to get you up and running hassle free!

Onsite IT Support Services

Do you have technical support needs, but don’t wish to employ dedicated IT support staff?  We can provide you with a completely outsourced IT department which can support your business for a fraction of the cost of sourcing your own staff.  Our many years in the IT support industry guarantees you will get the best possible support for your money, either on an ad-hoc basis or contractual agreement.

GDPR Compliance Auditing & Remediation

Our sister company, Jaknadata.cz, can help you navigate the complicated GDPR requirements for companies operating in the EU and ensure your compliance quickly and efficiently.  We will audit your business from a legal and IT perspective, and provide recommendations and remediation services in accordance with current GDPR regulations.

Key and Certificate Management
Take control over your keys and certificates, ensure secure delivery to the correct entities, control where they are used and by whom. Integrate your cloud assets and resources with your private PKI operations. It doesn’t matter what CA you use, which CMS and MDM you have, and what platforms use your certificates, we have solutions that will make enrollment possible anywhere with your own controls (ACME, SCEP/NDES, CES, Custom APIs). But wait, there’s more.  Simplified management and automation of the full TLS certificate life cycle.

Need something not listed above?  Contact us – we can help!

Why partner with FullStripe?

Let’s face it – making IT decisions can be a daunting task for the average business owner.  IT by it’s very nature is a non-intuitive, convoluted, complicated nightmare that most of us understand very little about and don’t have the time nor inclination to muddle through it on our own…nor should we have to.  If we’re sick we go see our physician.  If we’re having issues with our cars, we’ll take them to a mechanic.  If the sink is clogged, we’ll seek out a plumber.  If there’s something wrong with the complex technology stuff that’s running our businesses, we’ll likely call….a semi-knowledgeable acquaintance?!?

When you’re starting and managing your own business, IT considerations are usually the lowest of low on your priority list (if even considered at all).  Your technology decisions are likely based entirely on your immediate needs without considering how your solutions will scale with your needs, how they will be managed, and who will support your users as you grow and become more dependent on technology to promote and manage your business.  Your “colleague appointed help guy” will quickly become an integral part of your daily operations, meanwhile every IT support issue he takes on will effectively rob him of time to perform his normal revenue-generating tasks for your business.  You’re at the cusp of needing dedicated IT help, but don’t wish to take on the expense of hiring full-time support staff.  What do you do?

Our goal at FullStripe is to relieve the small / medium business owner of these critical IT-related concerns, allowing them to focus entirely on building their business instead of endlessly worrying about their IT and support issues.  We’ll take the time to carefully assess current technology and support needs, provide a solid technology growth path into the future, and ensure they have reliable access to the tools and technology they depend on to manage and grow their business.  Your personal IT department, without the expense and overhead of building your own.


Step 1 - Consultation

Contact us for a free initial consultation to establish your exact IT needs and agree on viable solutions

Step 2 - Planning

We’ll create a project plan for successful technology implementation based on your needs
FullStripe Implementation3

Step 3 - Implementation

Implement technology solution(s), modify as needed, integrate business processes, train end users

Step 4 - Success!

Enjoy your fully customized and supported IT solution!