About Us

We Like You

Small and medium sized enterprises are the backbone of the business world, but are poorly served by the business community in general. One of those areas is your IT, and that’s where we are here to help. In today’s technological world, your technology needs to work – anywhere and anytime. We are 100% dedicated to your success from the initial consultation, through delivery, and to the growth of your business. We are your IT department. We answer the phone.

We've Been There

Our team has journeyed far and wide. We’ve started our own businesses, explored the corporate world, experienced different cultures, and emerged better people for the experience. We’ve pooled our knowledge and experience to provide you with an enterprise scale outsourced IT solution based on what your business needs. As a small business owner, you don’t want to deal with multiple providers, costing you time and money. We are your one stop.

We Know Our Stuff

The FullStripe team has pulled together the best in class, integrated open source software combined with managed hosting to provide you with a solution for your IT needs. We offer solutions for email, point of sale software, project management platforms, eCommerce, invoice generation and a whole host of other applications, fully synchronised and hosted in one place. Large or small, with us, you have access to what you need, knowing it will grow with you and is fully backed up and redundant. No multiple vendors to deal with, and full support from people who know.

We're Affordable

The FullStripe team gives you exactly what you need at an affordable cost. We promise that you pay only the ‘’Stripe Price’’ – no hidden charges and no unexpected price increases. Many small business owners have a variety of vendors for their software and hardware needs. These packages often come with different pricing schemes, which kick in at different times as your business grows. These schemes not only make it difficult for you to manage your IT, but can result in quickly escalating costs. At FullStripe, we assess your needs and provide you with the package you need – at one price, the ‘’Stripe Price’’.

What We Stand For

Integrity.  Being fair and honest.  Being whole and complete.   We believe that as a small business owner, the last thing you should have to worry about is dealing with the fine print – you sign up for what you think is a great deal, only to find out that to meet your complete needs the price tag exponentially increases.   We want to talk to you, we want to find out what you really need and then be honest about what we can provide and what it will cost you.  We will not try to lure you with an impossibly low price, but we will wow you with our personalised service that stays consistent throughout your dealings with us.   Integrity

Integrated.  Having all parts working together as a whole.  When you are moving fast, you move to get what you need when you need it, which is absolutely the right thing to do.  When you grow however, those different parts suddenly don’t work well together and you find that your IT is the thing slowing you down.  With FullStripe, we want to be your partner.  We look at what you need now and in the future, and deliver  your solution which will work together and scale  as you grow.  One roof, one point of contact – working with you through your journey.  Integrated.

No limits.  Not limited in number and amount.  In the world of IT services, everything has a finite limit which is usually buried in fine print at the bottom of your contract – exceeding these arbitrary limitations by a tiny amount will often cost you. Dearly. Fullstripe delivers a true no-limits experience for our client solutions:  No bandwidth caps, no mailbox limitations, no limit on how many applications you can install or how you use them.  Market and manage your business to it’s fullest without worrying about running out of steam in the home stretch due to technology barriers.  No limits.

Meet Your Team

The Full Stripe team (Go Team!) brings together individuals from diverse business backgrounds and specialisations. We realised that the IT needs for small and medium sized businesses were woefully underserved in the market. We believe we can deliver the small business owner a no limits, integrated solution backed by our pledge of business integrity – worry free.

John Lowe

Business Manager

Having decided that the life of an accountant was not for him, John packed his bags and hit the road to see and experience the big wide world. The journey would last six-and-a-half years, in which time he travelled overland from England to Indonesia, passing through Iran, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and South East Asia. Prague turned out to be the accidental culmination of the journey, where he has now lived for the past 17 years. In this time, he has been heavily involved in teaching and training as well as launching his own small business importing fine wines from independent producers in France.

Brian Messman

IT Slave Extraordinaire

Brian is a big boy from Texas, who instead of working on the range herding cattle, decided his life’s mission was to become an expert in IT hardware and software configurations. This decision early on in life has led him on an Indiana Jones quest through the Valley of Software, The Depths of Technical Support, The Snake Pit of Troubleshooting and The Mountain of Client-Server Administration. His journey has been a rewarding one, having worked in enterprise support for Dell Computer and served as lead IT analyst at Ascension / Seton Healthcare. On moving to Europe, he was an integral member of both European and Global IT teams for Price Waterhouse Coopers and Deloitte. Over the years, he has also served as a consultant on many projects for firms of all sizes.

Adam Hudak

Lead Project Manager

Adam Hudak is a young, talented developer from Slovakia, who joined FullStripe in 2015 and at 26 years old he is one of the youngest members of the team. He came to Prague in 2010 to study at the Czech Technical University, Faculty of Information Technology. He developed an interest in programming at a young age and is now conversant in a variety of programming languages including php, html, javascript, css, mysql, postgresql, C, C++, and JQuery. Recognising his talents, Adam was given the responsibility as project manager of our web development arm and special projects and his performance led to him being made a partner in the company in 2017. Outside FullStripe, he enjoys hiking up mountains, listening to electronic music, going to parties and hanging out with his friends.

Roman Makarov

Infrastructure Specialist

Roman Makarov is the latest addtion to the FullStripe team, working under Brian Messman in the deep, dark abyss of server administration. He was born in the coal mining town of Mezhdurechensk, in the Kemerovo region of Siberia. At an early age, he figured that he would prefer a job above ground, so he turned to the internet for some answers. Being a curious boy, he asked the internet the question, ‘’What other operating systems are there except Windows?‘’ Up popped images with monitors with black screens and lines of code. So, Roman started playing with network basics, FTP servers, webservers, and gaming servers. After studying Information Technology at Unicorn college in Prague, he joined FullStripe, where he is responsible for building out IT infrastructure for our clients, ensuring the security of client servers, and logging and monitoring client servers.

Martin Myska

Support Specialist

At 22, Martin Myska is the youngest member of the team. He studied architecture at college but soon recognised that it was not his ambition in life but more of a hobby. He has always been curious about how things work and developed an interest in IT – computers, servers, networks, software and hardware – and how to ‘’make them do the things you want them to do.‘’ At FullStripe, Martin is responsible for supporting our clients both on-site and remotely on a wide range of client issues. He enjoys that challenge of new problems and the interaction with clients, and is keen to expand his knowledge base at every opportunity. Martin is a keen footballer, playing for his local team most weekends. Surprisingly, he is also an accomplished skittles wizard, a pub game invented in England but now becoming popular in Europe.

Jamie Skelton

IT Infrastructure Specialist

Having worked at some of Europe´s leading infrastructure companies, building and managing virtual datacenters, virtual desktop infrastructure environments, and managing a 15000 plus file and print server environment. Mix Jamie´s Passion about cloud architecture and also ultra marathons and you are left with the desire and tenacity to be the best and most challenged he can be and remain on the cutting edge of technologies.

Simon Young

Account manager & consultant

Simon brings battle-tested business & IT experience to the table, making sure our clients expectations are clearly understood and met. He focuses on understanding what our customers want and how to deliver it. As a former account manager for leading tech vendors, and before that, working in global network architecture roles for some of the world’s largest corporations, he knows the reality of business demands and how technology, when used appropriately, can help. When he is not with us, you will find him deep in a recording studio, producing music.

Calvin Go Calvin

Chief Happiness Officer

Calvin Go Calvin has been working for FullStripe for 2 years as its Chief Happiness Officer. He is a 65 kilo Bernese Mountain dog, who enjoys chasing sticks but never brining them back, playing catch me if you can with his friends in the park, and scrounging for food. His chief duties at FullStripe are client relations management, petting therapy, and talking our server administration guys from jumping from buildings.