Full Stripe Goes Live!

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October 6, 2014
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April 1, 2015
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Full Stripe Goes Live!

Having started at the ‘’Spring of Ideas’’, hiked up the ‘’Valley of the Business Plan’’, traversed the treacherous crevasses of the ‘’Glacier of Investment’’, battled up the ‘’Headwall of Company Formation’’, along the precipitous ‘’Website Arrête’’ we have finally reached the summit of Mt. Launch.

So, I hear you ask. Who are these brave adventurers? The guys and girls from FullStripe Technologies! Bet you thought it was an alpine clothing company…. bet you did. Well, some of us do go skiing.

The company is Full Stripe Technologies or FullStripe, set up with the intention of lending a helping hand to you, the small and medium sized business owner, with your IT needs.

How can we help? We aim to be your one point of contact for all your IT, from software to hardware, hosting to support, and design to implementation. At Full Stripe, we want to help you create your IT solution, not just for your needs today, but one that will be scalable as you grow in the future.

There are three core principles that represent our pledge to the customer – integrity, integrated and no limits.

We believe in being fair and honest with you. Every customer receives a free consultation where we will assess your IT needs and recommend a solution to suit your business and a price. We will be honest what we can provide and how much it will cost you, with no hidden costs in the fine print, and full transparency of any incremental costs as you grow. Our team will strive to give you the best customer service throughout your dealings with us, with the knowledge that we will be there for you every step of the way.

At FullStripe, we aim to deliver a fully integrated, secure and managed solution for your IT needs. Often, when your business grows, the parts that make up your solution don’t grow with you.  With our integrated solution, we cover all your IT needs all under one roof and with one point of contact.

We understand that your business needs to run smoothly and efficiently – all the time. That’s why we offer you unlimited bandwidth, meaning that you have no worries about your data capacity, making it possible to run that large campaign without worrying that your site will go down. Unlimited bandwidth is included in every FullStripe package so you never have to worry about exceeding your limit and suddenly being faced with unexpected charges.

You can be sure that your IT is safe in our hands, all under one roof with one point of contact.

How many Stripes do you need?