Why IT is not boring

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November 1, 2017
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Why IT is not boring

When you type ‘’why IT is not boring’’ into Google, here’s the first result you get:

Des Moines is NOT Boring – www.desmoinesisnotboring.com

Seriously… desmoinesisnotboring.com. Yeah, beyond interesting at this point. Abandoning my blog research immediately, I went to find out why Des Moines is NOT boring.

The menu bar looked promising – 10 Questions, Beats for the Soul, Events, Feature, Home is Where the Heart Is, Night Life, Restaurants, Shopping.

Yup, researching why ‘’Des Moines is NOT boring’’ is gonna be way easier than researching ‘’why IT is not boring’’ – and I have a tingling suspicion, waaaaaaay more interesting.

I delved into 10 Questions. It turns out that 10 questions is where a guy called Ben Gram interviews personalities/shining lights/leaders of the Des Moines community. In one post, he starts by explaining to his wife that he has to write another article for desmoinesisnotboring. When she asks what the article is about, he replies, ‘’Um… pole dancing. I’m going to go watch a pole dancing class, and then do an interview with Jen Kees, founder of the Kees Camp Pole Fitness Studio.’’ Kick ass, buddy. You get to watch undoubtedly hot women pole dancing (the photo accompanying the article bears out my point). His justification for doing the article is priceless…. ‘This is for my CAREER. I have to go watch pole dancing for my CAREER.’’ Beyond awesome.

Apparently Jen Kees is a former professional body builder, who opened the first pole fitness studio, not just in Des Moines, but in Iowa. She recognised the rising popularity of pole dancing and thought that ‘’sexy fitness had a purpose.’’ She concentrates on making her clients feel comfortable with a special fitness experience in a safe space. Jen has expanded her business to include kickboxing, personal training, pole dancing for kids, and private parties.

There you go. Right there is a lesson for every single small business owner – come up with an idea, have faith in the idea, and do it. My world is now one thousand times richer knowing that a woman succeeded in starting a pole dancing fitness class in Des Moines, Iowa. Jen, you rule. Done Deal. EOS. End of Story.

Then, I click on Home is Where the Heart Is. Mary Jackovin-Bates ‘In ‘’Redefining Boring’’, talks about how her new baby has disrupted her social schedule – only one tailgate party, wanting to make a valiant attempt at the Food and Music Festival (but not staying long)… blah blah blah.

HOWEVER, Mary redeems herself BIG TIME in the Night Life section in ‘’The Return of Date Night.’’ The photo caption for this is her husband sitting on an outdoor terrace with a beer in his hand looking very, very happy. She explains that her friend’s wedding has prompted her to rediscover her own marriage. The wedding was apparently in Grey’s Lake in Des Moines, a gorgeous location. This prompts her to muse about other potential locations for ‘’Date Night’’ with her and her husband. Her potential locations are:

  1. 515 Brewing Company
  2. Wasabi Tao
  3. Royal Mile
  4. Court Avenue Brewery
  5. Fong’s (apparently you can get Crab Rangoon pizza, whatever that is)

No wonder her husband looks so happy in the photo. 3 out of 5 of those are pubs and one sells pizza. Yup, he’s grinning from ear to ear.

Maybe the style of Mary’s blog writing is not my cup of tea. But she’s obviously active in the community, and her blog does a good job of promoting local events and businesses, and giving insights into her favourite watering holes. Let’s face it, I am now pretty curious to try Undead Red, one of her favourite beers at the 515 Brewing Company, and beyond curious to try a crustacean pizza named after the capital of Myanmar.

Why is IT not boring? Because now I know just what’s going on in Des Moines, Iowa…